Why Sand Volleyball?




Sand volleyball naturally emphasizes the “complete” volleyball player where the core skills of passing, setting, hitting, digging and blocking are used in every play. The confidence that comes from playing doubles and being involved in every play can produce tremendous benefits in ball control and mental toughness – skills that every coach looks for in any athlete. The physical conditioning and quick reaction time from playing in the sand translate to quicker movements and higher vertical jumps when beach players return to the indoor court.

In the sand, you will...

  • Increase your speed, agility, AND vertical
  • Improve your ball control
  • Advance your game intelligence 
  • Triple the number of contacts you get

What are you waiting for?

1. Do I need to find my own partner?

Yes, you do need to find a partner to compete in beach volleyball tournaments. However, you do not need a partner to participate in Vollis training because we practice in small groups. Our trained coaches will do their best to match you with an appropriate partner for tournaments, but in the end, it is your choice and your responsibility to select a partner.

2. How long is the beach season?

Technically, beach volleyball is a year-round sport but in Tennessee, we train and compete in Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

3. Do you have to go to all of the tournaments on the schedule?

No, all tournaments are optional. You can pick and choose which events you want to go to. The decision depends on a variety of factors including available partners and a willingness to travel. You are responsible for all your travel expenses.

4. What do the players wear?

At Vollis we require our Sandy Feet and Junior players to wear a tank-top/t-shirt and shorts or spandex. You do not need knee pads or tennis shoes. If you're playing in colder weather, you may consider wearing sand socks.

5. Do colleges offer scholarships for beach volleyball?

Yes! Many of our players have already been signed to beach scholarships, and many others have been made offers. Some schools are looking for players that they can use for indoor AND beach, but most schools are looking for only beach players. The number of schools with beach programs is growing each year and those programs will need players!