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Are you looking to get your feet a little sandy? Do you want to learn beach volleyball? Are you a seasoned vet who wants to sharpen your skills? Come out to the Vollis  beach! Train with us and learn to play beach volleyball.

Adults and Juniors alike are invited. The lessons are designed to be based on skill, not age. Our classes range from ‘Basic: The Fundamentals of Serve Receive’ and ‘Basic Conditioning’ all the way to more Advanced Skill Work like ‘Defense and Transition Setting’ 

People have been having fun, digging deep, learning a lot and making friends. If you haven’t come around yet, now is the time! We keep the classes fun and coed so you’ll always have a chance to compete AND to meet someone new. 


4770 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, Tn 

Plans, Packages, and Pricing

One Time Volleyball Trial Class: $10.00
*For local players only

Single Class: $35.00

10 Pack: $199.00

20 Pack: $299.00

Growth Plan: 10 Practices per Month $99.00 every Month + $25 Initiation*

April 8th & 10th 2019 CLASS INSTRUCTOR
8am - 9am SIGN UP 1 of 12 open Serving & Passing Fundamentals Dorsey
9am - 10am SIGN UP 1 of 12 open Setting Fundamentals Dorsey
10am- 11am SIGN UP 1 of 12 open Ball Control & Mini-Games Dorsey
11 am - 12pm SIGN UP 1 of 12 open Advanced Attacking: Accuracy Dorsey
12pm - 1pm SIGN UP 1 of 12 open Advanced Defense: Chase Shots, Block and Peel Dorsey